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  • Espresso_Cup-nobg

    Esspresso Cup

    Espresso cups.  2.75 oz Limited qty.

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    Glass Coffee Mug/Cup

    Coffee, tea, cider, or hot chocolate.  8oz.

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  • glass water pitcher

    Glass Pitcher

    This sturdy glass pitcher is suitable for water, beer, signature cocktails, iced tea, or other beverage of choice.  64 oz.

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    Irish Glasses

    Irish coffee glasses are prefect for a wide variety of hot alcoholic and virgin drinks.  Coffee, tea, spiced cider, eggnog, hot chocolate… the possibilities are endless for these mugs.  9 oz pictured on the left and 8oz on the right.

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  • IV_TEA_SAUCER-nobg

    Ivory China Tea Cup

    Available with or without saucer. Pairs well with our other ivory tableware.

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  • IV_COFFEE-nobg

    Ivory Coffee Cup/Mug

    Ivory coffee mugs match well with our other ivory china items.  Perfect for large events where lots of hot beverages will be served.

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  • IV_SOUP_CUPS-nobg

    Ivory Soup Cup

    This small bowl/cup is versatile enough for tea, or a small serving of soup, custard, or other small dessert.  Matches well with our other ivory china tableware.  4″ wide, 2″ deep.

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    Silver Punch Cup With Handle

    Silver punch cups are polished before they are rented. 5 oz. Matches our silver punch bowls and other silver items. Limited quantity.

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    Vintage China Tea Cup

    Pairs nicely with the rest of the vintage set.  Rent with or without the saucer.

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