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  • wine-carafe-removebg

    1 Liter Glass Wine Carafe

    These wine decanters are what you need if you are serving wine that needs to breathe.  Other common uses include serving water at guest tables and as a unique and quirky flower vase for centerpieces and decor. Fill with milk for a unique addition to your dessert or cookie station for a cute surprise for […]

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  • IMG_4214-no bg

    10oz Pilsner Glass

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  • IMG_4208-removebg-preview

    16 oz Pilsner Glass

    American Shaker Pint Glass style is a very versatile glass.  Beer, Soda, Water, Milk, Juice, Cocktails… you name it, this is the perfect glass for most tall drinks.

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  • IMG_4203-no bg

    9 oz and 15 oz Pilsner Glasses

    These glasses are perfect for your IPAs, Weizen, and Pilsners.

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  • beer mug

    Beer Mug

    Enjoy your favorite beer or soda out of this sturdy mug.  Great for root beer floats!  Limited quantity.

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  • 31oz-brandy

    Brandy Snifter

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  • IMG_4214-removebg

    Bristol Wine Glasses

    Use as a stylish and unique wine glass or cocktail glass. Also used for hurricane cocktails. Limited quantity of the Bristol Tall.  Glass rentals come clean and shiny in special stack-able crates for easy transport.

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  • champagne flutes

    Champagne Flutes

    This traditional 6 oz champagne flute is a must have for all your major toasting occasions.  These flutes add a touch of sophistication to New Years Eve gatherings, Weddings, and other formal occasions.  Use for champagne, mimosas, or other cocktails.  Check out out champagne shell for another style of champagne glass.

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  • Champagne Shell Coupe Glass

    Champagne Shell

    This traditional coupe glass is popular for both champagne and cocktails.  Great glass for groovy retro drinks.  Perfect cocktail glass for gimlets, sidecars, and Manhattans.

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