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This link has tent accessories. Walls Lights etc.

Q: How Big of a tent can I get?
A: Canopies require a full 5 foot perimeter around the canopy for tying off. Example (20×30 requires a 30×40 space)

Q: How are the Tents tied down?
A: We offer 2 options for tying off canopies. Stakes, which work in either gravel or grass, or water barrels (55gal drums), which require a spot on site to fill from. A hose spigot near where the tent is going to be is necessary. Barrels do take some time to fill so there is an additional cost associated with them. We do not stake in pavement nor asphalt.

Q: How tall are the tents?
A: Most of our tents have a 7ft perimeter. Though the center peak is dependent on the tent size. Most are 13ft-15ft. Be wary of things like low power lines and low hanging tree limbs. Tree limbs can tear the canvas.

Q: Where can my tent go?
A: The surface must be mostly flat with little to no incline. If there is an incline it makes it easier for wind to get swept underneath causing it to become hazardous. We do not place tents on sand. If its not a flat surface we can’t build it. We build the top first and then raise it up. The area must be cleared of all obstructions (examples: fire pits, picnic tables, retaining walls etc.). If we have to move things, there is an additional cost associated.

Q: What do I, the customer, need to do?
A: Make sure the space is clear before we arrive to deliver. When picking up make sure there are no zip-ties, no string lights nor any thing attached to the tent or canvas that we didn’t put on the tent ourselves.

Q: What if I still don’t know if I can have a tent or not?
A: If you call our store we may be able to answer questions you have. We may even offer to do a consultation. Consultation costs do apply. If we do a canopy then the cost of the consultation is applied to the tent. We do not offer refunds on consultation costs if we can’t do the tent nor if you decide you are not interested in one.