There are many options and customizations for our dance floors. Let’s go over some of the basics to help you decide what you need. As always, if you need further assistance feel free to call or email our store. Our friendly staff is here to help Monday-Saturday (excluding some holidays.) 503-585-7782 OR

What size dance floor do I need?

Surveys show that only 50% of people at a gathering would be on a dance floor at any one time and that one couple needs approx. 9 sq ft or 1 3’x3′ dance area. We have included this handy chart to help you figure out the best size dance floor for your event. You may also want to take into account the overall culture of your guests; some families or friends are likely to all dance at once, while others only 25%. The presence or lack of alcohol, age range of guests and space constraints may factor in as well.

PeopleCouplesCouples on FloorSize Needed

How many pieces of dance floor will I need?

Since each of the dance floor piece is in 3’x3′ sections, we can only build dance floors in sizes divisible by 3. To figure this out take the length and divide it by 3, then take the width and divide it by 3, and then multiply these two numbers together to get the number of pieces needed.

(Length÷ 3) x (Width÷3)= Number of dance floor pieces.

EXAMPLE 1: For a 15’x18′ (15÷3)x(18÷3)= 30 pieces

EXAMPLE 2: For a 12’x12′ (12÷3)x(12÷3)= 16 pieces

How many pieces of sub floor will I need?

In the event that you need sub floor (grass, gravel, bark dust etc.) under your dance floor (pictured above), you will need to choose the best size for your dance floor. Dance floor pieces come in 3’x3′ sections with an additional 3″ inches added to the perimeter for the edge pieces. Most of our sub floor pieces are 4′ x 8′ with a few 4′ x 4′. We can put subfloor under any size dance floor, however, for the best look you’ll want to choose a dance floor size with the least amount of extra sub floor around the perimeter. Our most popular size outdoor dance floor for this reason is our 15’x15′, as with edging it takes up a space of 15.5′ x 15.5′ and sits on a subfloor that is 16′ x 16′ leaving a very small 3″ difference all the way around the dance floor.

To figure out the best size of sub floor and the amount of sub floor pieces please see our chart below. Closest possible sizes in red:

How does delivery and set-up work and how much does it cost?

Setup and breakdown is available at a per piece rate, plus the cost of delivery and pickup.  If sub floor is required, the install will be included in the cost of the setup and breakdown of the dance floor. Delivery and pickup cost will be added to the final formal quote based on distance and number of staff required for delivery.  For questions about this cost please feel free to call our store.

When should I reserve my dance floor?

All of our dance floors are rented on a first-come-first-serve basis so the sooner you can reserve your dance floor the more likely it will be that it is available. We are sometimes able to accommodate short-notice rentals, so please call our store and explain your situation. In general, 2-3 months notice is best and 4+ months notice if your event is during our busy season (May-September).

Can I set up a dance floor outside?

Yes. Our snap lock dance floors are safe for outdoor use, however if being placed on grass, gravel, bark dust or other uneven surface, a layer of sub floor will be required to create stability and safety for you and your guests.

Is there a deposit for dance floor?

There is a refundable deposit for our snap lock dance floors but not our indoor dance floors. Because our snap lock dance floors are modular, each section is made up of (9) 1’x1′ pieces. A refundable reassembly deposit per 3×3′ section is required for self set-up to ensure the sections are returned in 3×3′ sections; If the dance floor is broken down into smaller sections than 3×3′, the deposit will not be returned. This deposit is not required if setup and broken down by our staff.

Can I set up my own dance floor?

Yes. Setting up your own dance floor is a great money saving option if you have the time and man-power to set up and tear down your own dance floor. Whether you opt to pickup the pieces yourself and or have us deliver them, our friendly staff will be happy to demonstrate how to do so.