Canopy Tie Down Barrels




Due to water lines, concrete, asphalt, or venue restrictions, staking is not allways feasable for your canopy.  In these situations, we use water barrels, to secure your canopy.  These 55 gallon tie down barrels are filled (usually on-site so please indicate your venue’s water source) with water and used to keep your canopy safe and secure.  Check out our canopy FAQ for more information.

One barrel would be required per canopy leg. Please select the number of water barrels needed based on the number of canopy legs.  In some circumstances, we will not require a barrel for every canopy leg.  In this event, the cost of the barrel would be refunded to you.

  • 20×20′ – 4 canopy legs
  • 20×30′- 10 canopy legs
  • 20×40′- 12 canopy legs
  • 20×50′- 14 canopy legs
  • 20×60′- 16 canopy legs
  • 30×30′- 8 canopy legs
  • 30×40′-8 canopy legs
  • 40×40′-14 canopy legs
  • 35×40′ Hex – 6 canopy legs
  • 30×50′- 16 canopy legs
  • 40×50′- 18 canopy legs

Please call about information for larger canopies.

Canopy FAQ