Mechanical Taper Candle 15″



Real flame, no waxy mess ever!  Traditional taper candle look without all the mess.  No drips! Mechanical candles are a much safer option for our candelabras and table abras.  The mechanical candles feature real flame and real wax without the danger and hassle of dripping wax.  Wax can do permanent damage to carpets, hardwood floors, and other decor.  Pair with our glass chimneys for a fully enclosed flame.

A mechanical taper candle features a long tapered cylinder with the look of a traditional taper candle, inside is a real wax candle insert, with a real flame, as the wax inside melts, a mechanical spring mechanism pushes the insert upwards while all the melted wax stays inside the cylinder.  Our mechanical candles are 3/4″ diameter and our rubber gripper ring is included if you need to go to 7/8” diameter.