Pipe and Drape




Classic pipe and drape with banjo fabric curtains.  Use single pipe and drape as a backdrop or several sets can be put together to form a room divider.  Pipe and drape easily installs into corners or other 90 degree arrangement.  Easy to install yourself or have us install for a fee.  Limited quantity of royal blue and ivory. Best colors for large quantities, conventions and expos is black and burgundy. For large expos and conventions call us for a custom quote including delivery, setup and breakdown.  Also check out our booth pricing or price per piece.

8ft tall

Extends from 6-10 ft horizontally.

Set includes:

2- 8 FT. Upright pipes
1- 6-10FT. Telescopic horizontal pipe
3-4X8′ Curtains in your choice of burgundy, black, white, ivory, or royal blue
2- 12″X12″ Bases



Additional information

Pipe and Drape Curtains

Black (Banjo Fabric), Burgundy (Banjo Fabric), Ivory (Banjo Fabric), Royal Blue (Banjo Fabric), White (Banjo Fabric)